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Analyst, Transport (บางนาตราด-กม.19) สัญญาจ้าง 1 ปี

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Bang Phli, Samut Prakan

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Job Descriptions
• Monitoring traffic results for overall project and analyst. • To be full responsibility for production line stop • Perform a monthly review of reported KPI and investigate any unusual movements in project performance. • Identify individual routes with negative and low or unusually high gross profit margins for further investigation. • Check that costs and revenues are correctly accrued for individual plant/supplier with the correct period. • Serve and response any new customer during developed. • Control and order quality of transportation service including responsible for corrective action request and follow up. • Co-ordinate with customer and operation team, trucking and customer service, and checking job details in transportation. • Support on work flow, procedure documentation and prepare project/training report regularly including update all project statistics/information bases. • Other job which may assign by Asst. Manager / HOD. • Maintain and follow company rules, regulations and Health, Safety and Environmental Standards. • Problem solving skills • Negotiations skills • Time management skills • Familiar with any management system • Advanced skills in operating computer office programs • Good command of English and be able to correspondence with oversea • Good personality, diligent , willing to work hard, self responsibility and honest • Bachelor degree in Logistics, Supply Chain Management or related filed • Minimum 3 years experience in Logistics/Domestic transport operation
  1. Male / Female.
  2. Bachelor's degree in logistics management or related.
  3. Experience in Transportation and Logistics 1-3 Year.
  4. Good command of English and be able to correspondence with oversea.
  5. Problem solving and Negotiation skill.
  6. Advanced skills in operating computer office programs Excel.
  7. Have a car, be able to travel.
How to apply
- สมัครผ่าน - สมัครผ่าน E-Mail ของบริษัท *** กรุณาเลือกสมัครตำแหน่งที่ท่านสนใจมากที่สุดเพียงตำแหน่งเดียว***
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Bang Chalong Bang Phli Samut Prakan
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