Jun 27, 2022

Manager QMS

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Amata City Rayong Industrial Estate Rayong

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- Formulates quality objectives in terms of annual goal and plans, monitor their implementation and effectively sets implement plan to bridge gaps identified. - Establish documented procedures, to guarantee that without the permission of the certification authority, the changed defective goods and certificated products would not be labeled with the mark of mandatory/compulsory certification. - Responsible for cooperate with all section to correct and prevent nonconformity occurrence on System. - On customer requirements such as market information request, claim and technical report, key product characteristic, information on the basis for business planning, requirement of the adopted standard and other information necessary for improving quality standards and ensuring that they are communicate, understood and implement throughout the organization. - Represent of the need of customer in internal function. - Responsible for management and approve production indication by Tire label before apply in the company. - Monitor, analysis, evaluation, and action for customer satisfaction management. - Ensure that the products labeled with the mark of mandatory/Compulsory certification would conform to the requirements of the certification standards - Establish documented procedures, to guarantee the safekeeping and proper use for certification marks - Receive market information, record and coordinate between in house and customer.
  1. Male & Female
  2. Bachelor's degree or above in Engineering or related.
  3. Have experience in QMS system more than 5 year
  4. Have knowledge about Internal Audit, Customer Audit, System Audit
  5. Have knowledge about ISO/IATF 16949 and other system concern with QMS
  6. Have experience in Management or Middle Management Level
  7. Can communicate well in English
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    คุณรติมา อินทประสาท
    Yokohama Tire Manufacturing (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
    7/216 ม.6 นิคมอุตสาหกรรมอมตะซิตี้
    Map Yang Phon Pluak Daeng Rayong 21140
    โทรศัพท์ : 038-627-170 ต่อ 1114
    อีเมล : (อีเมลนี้ใช้สำหรับการติดต่อและสมัครงาน)
    แฟกซ์ : 038-627-199
    นิคมอุตสาหกรรมอมตะซิตี้ ระยอง
    Map Yang Phon Pluak Daeng Rayong
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