Oct 3, 2022

Packaging Engineer

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Si Maha Phot, Prachin Buri

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Job Descriptions
1. Responsible for the packaging development process, including packaging designs, development, and performance testing 2. In charge of minor change in product sampling according to customer requirement, (e.g. minor change in color and decoration) 3. Participate in the handover of new product from Technical Center to production 4. During the handover meeting, clear or raise any problems and concerns that may occur or have occurred in the production process 5. Support customer and supplier qualification 6. Analyze and summarize trial data in order to negotiate with customer/supplier 7. Improve technical data by conducting trials with factors affecting cost, energy, and material consumption ( e.g. cycle time, neck or bottom flash) 8. Lead innovation projects in the plant
  1. Bachelor’s degree or higher in Packaging Technology, Material Science or other related fields
  2. 0-2 years’ work experience in plastic packaging preferably in HDPE/PET packaging
  3. Work experience and decent knowledge in blow molding technology gained from a manufacturing industry would be an advantage
  4. Ability to use software applications in production transactions is an advantage
  5. With skill in utilizing manpower and resources to achieve planned target
  6. Good analytical skills
  7. Able to work under pressured environment
  8. Good communication skills (oral, written , local and in English language)
How to apply
1. ส่ง Resume มาทาง E-mail 2. กรอกใบสมัครที่ป้อม รปภ.ทุกวัน (ไม่เว้นวันหยุดราชการ) 3. สมัครงานผ่านทาง JobThai (Click Apply Now)
HR&Admin Department
Alpla Packaging (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
257 หมู่ 7 304 Industrial Park
Tha Tum Si Maha Phot Prachin Buri 25140
Tel. : 037-274-148-50 ext. 104
Email : (Email for job application & inquiry)
Fax : 037-274-151
Tha Tum Si Maha Phot Prachin Buri
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