Nov 28, 2023

Mechanical Engineering Manager

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Krathum Baen, Samut Sakhon

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Job Responsibilities 1. Responsible for the day to day management of mechanic staff to ensure company's targets and objectives, ensuring that meachanic staff comply with health, safety and work instruction/ procedures. 2. Supervise and control the work of the Mechanical Engineering Department follow the company’s policies and target. 3. Manage and maintain engineering tasks including systems to increase efficiency in cutting, molding include production lines 4. Ensuring that processes meet quality and safety compliance guidelines 5. Ensuring that meachanic staffs comply with health, safety and work instruction/ procedures. 6. Manage and develop the team to have more knowledge and expertise to work efficiently 7. Manage and control mechanic team to comply with company regulations. 8. Coordinate both of internal and external to achieve the target. 9. Other job assign by superior. Benefits : - Provident Funds - Group health insurance - Social insurance - Annual salary review - Annual bonus maximum 3 months - Business leave, Annual leave - Annual Holiday 15days/year - Funeral support
  1. Bachelor’s degree or higher in Mechanical/Electrical Engineering or related fields.
  2. Have experiences more than 10 years in Engineering management in manufacturing.
  3. Good English communication skills
  4. Good computer skills in MS. Office
  5. Logical thinking, leadership, interpersonal skills.
1. Interested and qualified candidates corresponding to the above requirements can submit their resume with references and current salary to the address below (Click apply now)
Sigma Lingerie Co.,ltd. ( บริษัท ซิกม่า แลงเจอรี่ จำกัด )
โทรศัพท์ : 02-8774192-3
อีเมล : (อีเมลนี้ใช้สำหรับการติดต่อและสมัครงาน)
เว็บไซต์ :
Om Noi Krathum Baen Samut Sakhon
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