Mar 4, 2024

Manufacturing Manager / Manufacturing Engineer (ประจำจังหวัดปราจีนบุรี)

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304 Industrial Park Prachin Buri

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Job Descriptions
Description The incumbent will be responsible for the overall business strategies on process and quality controlling and assurance to drive the application of different process and quality methodologies across the entire organization will also help implementing a value-driven, quality-centric culture and evolve a broad range of quality programs to make sure corrective actions will be effectively implemented and maintained. Responsibilities - Leads and manages a diverse Engineering Team encompassing - Technical Infrastructure Specification - Development of Work Instructions - Designing and implementing technical studies e.g. Time in Motion - Supporting associated IT developments - Technical support for products and product conditioning procedures - Technical drawings and documentation generation and control - Process improvement and validation activities - Technical and Quality Approval Process - Adheres to Change Control processes (ECO) and development thereof. - Adheres to Quality Procedures and development thereof for the team. - Develops and manages Engineering resources to achieve business objectives. - Inspires engineering teams to deliver excellence in creative design, qualification and technical support services. - Provides technical expertise and support for Service Centers. - Project Manager and leader for complex technical projects, organizational development and continuous improvement projects involving engineering and other cross functional team members. - Leads, directs and supports customized service offerings - Manages department budget and finances - Follows company policies and practices as outlined in the Employee Handbook, AWAIR and/or applicable employment agreement. Follows safety guidelines and procedures in accordance to the job. - Performs additional duties as assigned. - Work with Quality manager and control all quality systems in the plant to achieve the targeted qualities standard
  1. Degree holder in Engineering or science. Advanced degree preferred.
  2. 7-10 years working experience in process and quality management in manufacturing environment. Excellent knowledge of manufacturing operations, product quality standards, specifications, related laws and regulations.
  3. Good knowledge and hands on experience on process improvement tools i.e. lean manufacturing, six-sigma system, Kaizen, ISO, etc.
  4. Strong background and understanding of SPC(Statistics Process Control) and the use of other statistical methods for setting specifications
  5. Excellent communication skills, good human skills.
  6. High English proficiency
How to apply
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บริษัท เทอร์โมดิสก์ (ประเทศไทย) จำกัด
500 หมู่ที่ 7 304 Industrial Park
Tha Tum Si Maha Phot Prachin Buri 25140
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Fax : 037-481-080
304 Industrial Park
Tha Tum Si Maha Phot Prachin Buri
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