Sep 27, 2022

Computer Network Engineer

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Mueang Rayong, Rayong

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Job Descriptions
We are an IT Outsource company looking for Level 1 IT Engineers with very good English knowledge because you will communicate with foreigners and overseas IT Departments. You should have a good self confidence and be willing to work hard. Best is if you love IT and everything around IT. We love computer and gadget nerds. ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE IN ENGLISH ONLY !
  1. Very good ENGLISH is a requirement. Written and spoken.
  2. Ability to analyze and solve issues with logical thinking. Willing to not give up until a problem is solved.
  3. Very good communication skills.
  4. Friendly and clean appearance.
  5. Willing to educate yourself after working hours. Technology changes every day. Keep yourself up to date.
  6. Willing for long term commitment.
  7. Driver license and proper driving experience.
  8. Good knowledge of Windows, MS Office and troubleshooting
  9. Good networking knowledge (IP Addresses, Switches, Router Setup, Troubleshooting)
How to apply
- Email
NetSol Co., Ltd.
125/71 Moo 2, Sukhumvit Road, T. Tab Ma, A. Muang
Tel. : 038-967-414
Email : (Email for job application & inquiry)
Thap Ma Mueang Rayong Rayong
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