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Jun 24, 2022

Production Officer (Raw Material)

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Si Maha Phot, Prachin Buri

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Job Descriptions
1.Responsible raw materials checking and booking materials for support Trial/New/Modify model 2.Responsible order received from sales team by monitor order received of New model, Modify model, and Mass Production model 3.Provide customer order into IFS system 4.Coordinate with sales team and delivery team to keep delivery PCB to customers on time schedule 5.Coordinate with sales team and delivery team about any changed order Including; customer added order, cancelled order, pull in order schedule, and push out order schedule 6.Plan input order to related factory good ratio, quantity in WIP, and finished goods stock 7.Prepare replacement document depended on sales delivery team confirmation 8.Manages input lot quantity to related production machine 9.Prepare replacement and plan input monthly report
  1. Female Age 25-30 year only.
  2. Bachelor degree or related experience
  3. Experience 2-5 years.
  4. Good Computer Skill for Microsoft Office
  5. Good command English Communication
  6. ISO 9000,14000,IATF:16949
  7. * สามารถเข้ากะได้จะพิจารณาเป็นพิเศษ*
How to apply
1. Sent your Resume by E-mail (Attached your photo & expected salary) 2. Appointment Candidate an Interview if you passed Verified Qualification ) 3. Walk in CMKT and Scan QR Code the Application Form at Guard House. (สแกน QR Code สมัครงานได้ที่ป้อม รปภ.) 4. Apply through
Human Resource & Selection.
CMK Corporation (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
334 Moo 7 นิคมอุตสาหกรรม 304
Tha Tum Si Maha Phot Prachin Buri 25140
Tel. : 037-207-500-30 ต่อ 229
Email : (Email for job application & inquiry)
Fax : 037-207-599
Tha Tum Si Maha Phot Prachin Buri
1. รถตู้กรุงเทพฯ-นิคม 304 (จ.ปราจีนบุรี)จุดขึ้นสถานีขนส่่งเอกมัย ช่อง 4 2. รถตู้กรุงเทพฯ-คลองรั้ง (จ.ปราจีนบุรี)จุดขึ้นสถานีขนส่งเอกมัย ช่อง 18 3. รถตู้รังสิต-นิคม 304 (จ.ปราจีนบุรี)จุดขึ้นเมเจอร์รังสิต
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