Oct 21, 2020

Engineer (Robotic, Automation,Process, Maintenance, Welding, CNC, QA & QC)

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- Train and review evaluate new employees and annual performance evaluation. -Assist expatriate staff particularly when translation is needed. - Manage man power by Safety , Productivity , Quality , Cost , Delivery. and production planning to team leader and operational level. - Creation method and implementation to team for ensure product quality. (appearance level) by QA method. - Conclusion result of production daily report and report to Press Manager. - Create method and implementation , Support and encourage the productivity to team leader for continuous improvement productivity. - Co-operate with related department when problem occur and follow up for support production able to run follow target and planning. - Encourage the workforce to participate in company activities like 5S’, Housekeeping , idea suggestion , OEE,QOS, Kaizen Blitz , and all company regulation and safety rule etc. and all company regulation and safety rule etc. - Provide and prepare all resources to facilitate production follow cost reduction concept . Able to work under pressure and shift rotation. Other jobs assigned by Manager - Support operations and maintain quality management system(IATF 16949) and environmental management system(ISO 14001)
  1. Male/Female age 23 years up
  2. Bachelor or Master 's degree in IE. , Mechanical Eng. or related field
  3. At lease 2 years experience in Automotive industry
  4. Good command in English
  5. Good interpersonal, communication and presentation skill
  6. Having good knowledge in IATF 16949 , ISO 14001 , APQP , PPAP , TPS/Lean
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