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Mar 28, 2020

Insurance Officer / Claims Officer (C.P. Insurance Office)

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Bang Rak, Bangkok

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  • Department : C.P. Insurance Office
  • Location : (Fl.17) C.P. Tower 1, Silom
  • Insurance Officer
  • Job Responsibilities;
  • - Responsible for quotation of company’s insurances as requested, analyzing all items of the insurance policy.
  • - Verifies the quotation with the best cost and coverage, negotiating items of the insurance policy and/or price when necessary.
  • - Control all company’s insurance policies verifying the payments.
  • Claim Officer
  • Job Responsibilities;
  • - Ensure timely and accurate processing of claims and to ensure the investigation and/or settlements are handled justly and a cost saving to the company
  • - Analyze the cause of lose and settle claim as claim processing guidelines to achieve the company’s policy
  • - Give advice to C.P. Business unit on claim process to protect and manage the claims according to company policy
  • - Participate in site survey and prepare loss report
  • - Responsible for improving claim process to ensure claim efficiency
  1. Age not above 30 years old
  2. Bachelor degree or Higher in Law, Insurance or other related
  3. 0 - 3 years working experiences in related fields (New graduate are welcome)
  4. Highly skilled in English (would be a plus).
  5. Service minded, problem solving, adapt to change with “can do” attitude
  6. Analytical and logical thinking skill
  7. Good Chinese literacy (HSK 5 up or equivalent) will be advantage.
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AIA CAPITAL CENTER ชั้น 29 เลขที่ 89 ถนนรัชดาภิเษก
Din Deang Din Daeng Bangkok 10400
โทรศัพท์ : 02-764-7432, 02-764-7351
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สำนักประกันภัย | ชั้น 17 ซี.พี. ทาวเวอร์ 1, สีลม
Silom Bang Rak Bangkok
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