Jan 15, 2022

Audit assistants, from new staff up to Manager level

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Huai Khwang, Bangkok

salary iconSalary
salary icon18K upto 80K
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number of positions iconabout 20
Job Descriptions
Working in the audit team as team work. Reponsible roles depend on the each level varied from helping prepare work paper to supervisory and controlling audit team.
  1. Good English communication skill.
  2. Work as a team.
  3. Knowledge of computer skill.
  4. Flexibility.
How to apply
Sending the interest to Khun Preedaporn and Khun Atipong
Khun Atipong
ANS Audit Co., Ltd.
16th floor, Vongvanich Building B, Rama 9
Huai Khwang Huai Khwang Bangkok 10310
Tel. : 02-645-0109
Email : (Email for job application & inquiry)
Fax : 02-645-0110
Huai Khwang Huai Khwang Bangkok
We require the audit assistants in the level of new staff to the audit managers with good English communication skill.
Application Methods
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Apply by sending JobThai resume.
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Apply by filling your brief profile in the form.