Jun 17, 2021

Equipment Engineer

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Rojana Industrial Park Chonburi (Bo Win) Chon Buri

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Job Descriptions
1.Responsible for the equipment preventive maintenance plan and files; 2.Responsible for daily management of equipment maintenance supplies, fill out the spare parts purchase application demand, consumption statistics and control spare parts; 3.Responsible for collecting and analyzing the key parameters of the equipment, and put forward the maintenance and improvement plan for the equipment defects; 4.Responsible for workshop equipment maintenance, safety management and system related documents and technical files; 5.According to the workshop production process and quality requirements of the equipment maintenance technology update and the SOP implementation ; 6.Responsible for the safety and technical training to the Department staff; 7.Complete other tasks assigned by superior.
  1. Bachelor's degree up and above, major in mechanical, electrical, electronic integration or related;
  2. More than 3 years equipment maintenance experience in large enterprises, more than 1 years of equipment management experience; (with foreign semiconductor, electronics, automotive, photovoltaic and other large enterprises working experience is preferred);
  3. Familiar with commonly used automatic control circuit design and installation and maintenance;
  4. Familiar with mechanical, hydraulic and gas dynamic control principle and maintenance; Understanding the frequency control and PLC external and general troubleshooting;
  5. Hands-on ability, with on-site equipment anomaly analysis capabilities and personnel organization implementation capacity;
  6. Familiar with ISO9000, QC08000, TS16949 etc.;
  7. Familiar with (Auto, CAD SolidWorks etc.) mechanical drawing software, good at mechanical drawing is preferred;
  8. Have good Chinese or English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, proficiency in Chinese or English, fluent in Chinese is preferred.
  9. Strong sense of responsibility, rigorous work, can adapt to overtime work.
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HR - Recruitment
Canadian Solar Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
168/2 หมู่ 4 Rojana chonburi Industrial park (Bowin)
Bo Win Si Racha Chon Buri 20230
Tel. : 033-678-530 #71080,71086,71087
Email : canadiansolar_12@trustmail.jobthai.com (Email for job application & inquiry)
Rojana Industrial Park, Chonburi
Bo Win Si Racha Chon Buri
- ถนนเส้นหลัก 331 ตั้งอยู่ที่นิคมโรจนะบ่อวิน (ติดปั้ม ปตท. NGV)
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