Apr 19, 2021

Senior Security Engineer (SIEM)

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Pak Kret, Nonthaburi

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Job Descriptions
Responsibilities -Execute on the strategy of the data security analytics program. -Analyze sensitive authentication activities and privilege combinations that could lead to abuse; monitor privileged access activity for possible abuse; monitor suspicious and/or inappropriate web activity; assess data leakage vulnerabilities; and establish baseline usage information and trends. -Create and review reports on event anomalies. -Investigate and respond to security events. -Perform hunting in available data sources to identify patterns of misuse and recommend areas for coverage and data feed improvements. -Evaluate the quality of provided data sources and recommending improvements to the sensing capabilities and coverage. -Perform triage activities on potential threats discovered during historical analysis. -Appropriately apply proprietary and public threat intelligence to enhance the analytic model(s) and security of the enterprise. -Perform root cause analysis on security incidents and provide recommendations for containment and remediation. -Assist in delivering timely and accurate reporting to executives. -Consult, design, proof-of-concept, and/or implement and troubleshoot security in large-scaled enterprises and government agencies. -Deliver project and after-sale technical service and support.
  1. Bachelor Degree or Master Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related I.T. fields.
  2. 4 years working within the information security field with emphasis on security event analysis and cyber forensic investigations
  3. Experience with SIEM technologies such as Splunk and/or ArcSight
  4. Knowledge of Incident Management processes
  5. Experience with Web Vulnerability
  6. Experience working with information security practices, networks, software, and hardware.
  7. Ability to convey a strong presence, professional image, and deal confidently with complex technical problems
  8. Knowledge of TCP/IP, common protocols, Firewall, IPS/IDS,Web Gateway , Mail Gateway
  9. Fast learner, self-initiative, responsible, team work ,Flexible and easily adaptable ,Good Service Mind
  10. If have Certified CEH and CompTIA Security+ will be given special consideration.
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Ban Mai Pak Kret Nonthaburi 11120
Tel. : 02-115-9956
Email : baycoms_18@trustmail.jobthai.com (Email for job application & inquiry)
Fax : 02-115-1629
LINE ID: kwanchansiwa
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Ban Mai Pak Kret Nonthaburi
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