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Oct 27, 2020

R&D Design Engineer Mechanical/Electrical/Software

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Bang Sao Thong, Samut Prakan

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R&D Mechanical Design 1. 3D,2D design by CATIA program. 2. BOM creation and support new model data transfer to factory. 3. Problem / Technical issue analysis in mechanical field of manufacturing and customer. 4. Tooling concept meeeting, Tooling trial. 5. Approve part, PPAP confirmation. 6. Development and Evaluation of mechnical part. R&D Electrical Design 1. Research on market needs and technology trends for development of Automotive multimedia devices. 2. Supervise team of engineer or outsource to support electrical development process (PCB, Circuiit, Reliability etc.) 3. Communicate and interact with customers to support for requirement analysis, product concept design and proposal. 4. Create Electrical development documents, design review documents and report. 5. Benchmarking of competitor product to cost breakdown analysis. 6. Solve & follow up to analysis trouble from reliability & performance check of Automotive device. R&D Software Design Communicate and interact with customers and provide technical support from requirement analysis and product. Communicate and interact with Panasonic members who are involved in a product development. Supervise team of engineers or outsource for system design, development and system test. Research on market needs and technology trends for development of Automotive infotainment devise. Create and review software development document ,test document and report. Develop and review system test strategies and devices
  1. Male or Female, Age 23 - 30 years old.
  2. Bachelor degree of Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Computer Engineering.
  3. Have experience of Design 3D, 2D, Mechanical, Electronic component, Automotive standard in R&D.
  4. PCB card design,circuit design of Car audio product or Automotive device.
  5. Special skill of 2D, 3D by CATIA program.
  6. Good command in English.
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101 หมู่ 2 ถ.เทพารักษ์
Bang Sao Thong Bang Sao Thong Samut Prakan 10570
โทรศัพท์ : 02-723-3100 ต่อ 4201
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Bang Sao Thong Bang Sao Thong Samut Prakan
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