Oct 30, 2020

Mechanical Engineer

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Amata City Industrial Estate (Rayong) Rayong

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Job Descriptions
1. Responsible for mechanical maintenance in factory in order to maintain continuously production process. 2.Responsible for machinery installation or modification to achieve the factory target and plan. 3.Monitoring preventive maintenance machinery and supporting the production plan.
  1. Male Age 22-35 Year.
  2. Bachelor degree in mechanical or related field.
  3. Experience in electrical engineer for at least 1 year.
  4. Experience in machines' installation/ maintenance/ repair.
  5. Strong communication and management skills.
  6. Good command of both spoken and written English or Chinese.
How to apply
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7/666 Moo 6 Amata City Industiral Estate
Map Yang Phon Pluak Daeng Rayong 21140
Tel. : 038-029-588
Email : zhongceth_41@trustmail.jobthai.com (Email for job application & inquiry)
Amata City Industiral Estate
Map Yang Phon Pluak Daeng Rayong
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