Dec 6, 2023

Account Manager

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Krathum Baen, Samut Sakhon

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Job Descriptions
1. Marketing 1.1 Study and learn customer background to understand customer's needs 1.2 Responsible for credit checking of prospective and existing customers, including analyses customer data 2. Organization & Talent Pool 2.1 Attend training class as schedule and always self developing to high competence. 3. Document / Report Management 3.1 Prepare quotation and sales information. 3.2 Prepare summarize of monthly sales reports and every quarter report of each customer. 3.3 Investigate sales documents and monthly sales value. 3.4 Maintain internal documents. (Email/Fax/Proforma invoice) 4. Product Development 4.1 Confirm technical design before presenting to customers. 4.2 Present new designs for offering to customers. 4.3 Understand & follow up customer design new development of each season to develop on time. 4.4 Manange and conrol mold making for maximum result. 4.5 Check the spec of new mould.
  1. Bachelors or higher degree in related fields.
  2. Fluent in English and Thai languages.
  3. 0-2 years’ experience in Sales & Marketing.
  4. High relational skills and empathy competencies with stakeholder, internal and external.
How to apply
- สนใจสมัครด้วยตนเอง จันทร์-ศุกร์ (08:30-15:00 น.) - ส่งจดหมายพร้อมเอกสารสมัครงานที่ ฝ่ายทรัพยากรบุคคล - E-mail - LINE ID - facebook: Regal Jewelry Recruit - JobThai
Regal Jewelry Manufacture Co., Ltd.
84/4, 84/6-7 หมู่ 7 ซ.เพชรเกษม 122 ถ.เพชรเกษม
Om Noi Krathum Baen Samut Sakhon 74130
Tel. : 02-420-7440 ต่อ 0
Email : (Email for job application & inquiry)
Fax : 02-420-7445
LINE ID: @regalrecruit
ซ.เพชรเกษม 122
Om Noi Krathum Baen Samut Sakhon
1.รถโดยสารประจำทาง สาย 84, 81, 123, 539 2.รถตู้โดยสาร สาย 80, 88
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