Sep 26, 2022

ผู้ช่วยหัวหน้างาน Internal Audit

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Bang Sao Thong, Samut Prakan

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Job Descriptions
•Prepare or contribute to the preparation of work plans (including risk assessment) audit programs for assurance and/or consulting engagement. •Conduct discussions of preliminary nature with heads of operations audited. •Conduct in accordance with HTS Accounting Standards, operational and compliance audits. •Obtain required information directly or indirectly through examination of records or interviews with staff. •For the processes audited, review and evaluate the system of management controls and assess their adequacy and effectiveness and, where appropriate, draft potential recommendations for improvements. •Prepare working papers documenting adequately work performed. •Draft of the reports and communications on the results of work performed, for review by Assistant Officer-Internal Audit •Assess the reliability and effective use of internal controls
  1. Bachelor Degree in accounting and other related to administration.
  2. Experience in Internal Auditing and Internal Controlling.
  3. Have a better knowledge of ISO9001
  4. A minimum 2 years” experience in field of Internal Auditing and Internal Control.
  5. Fair command in English.
  6. Experience in QMR and ISO controlling.
How to apply
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  • Contacts
    บริษัท ฮิตาชิ ทรานสปอร์ต ซิสเต็ม แวนเทค (ประเทศไทย) จำกัด, บริษัท ทีเอสที ซันไรซ์ เซอร์วิส จำกัด
    เลขที่ 11/8-11/9 ม.9
    Bang Chalong Bang Phli Samut Prakan 10540
    Tel. : 02-337-2086-99
    Email : (Email for job application & inquiry)
    Fax : 02-750-9776
    ปฏิบัติงาน จ-ศ หยุดเสาร์-อาทิตย์
    Bang Sao Thong Bang Sao Thong Samut Prakan
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