Mar 8, 2021

R&D Electronic Engineer,Mechanical Engineer ( Petchaburi Plant)

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Khao Yoi, Phetchaburi

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salary icon18,000 - 20,000++
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Job Descriptions
• Track the printing samples process • Look over the artwork's printing quality • Maintain BOM system and engineering documents Participate in prototype build and solve problems • Participate in tooling trial and parts fitting • Maintain Engineering document (BOM, ECO/MCR) • New HP light touch model development • New material & new supplier qualification • Participate in prototype build and solve problems • Support to complete components qualification & approval • Maintain engineering document BOM, ECO etc.
  1. Artwork & packaing material first article samples check. And FFGI support
  2. New light touch models development New material & New supplier qualification
  3. The Electronics Engineer will work on printer for design review, build support,
  4. Good command of both spoken & written English (Toeic 400 Up)
  5. Mechanical Engineering , Electronics Engineering Bachelor's Degree
  6. Male & Female Age 24 - 35 Year
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Cal-Comp Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Email : (Email for job application & inquiry)
Sa Phang Khao Yoi Phetchaburi
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