Oct 21, 2020

QA Department Manager

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Mueang Nonthaburi, Nonthaburi

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Essential duties: 1. Responsible to conduct and prepare report for the internal quality audit (IQA) as part of IQA team member. 2. Daily GMP inspection of production lines and other supporting units, e.g. warehouse, utilities (water/HVAC) as planned. Prepare , submit and follow-up the inspection report to be completed in the timely manner. 3. Follows-up the correction and CA/PA obtaining from the Internal quality audit (IQA),GMP daily inspection, Nonconforming products, Corrective Action Request (CAR), Improvement Report, Customer complaint, and then reports to QA Department Manager. 4. Manufacturing batch record (MBR) review as part of Finished products release. Related duties: 1.Working as part validation and commissioning team project, e.g. machine qualification and process validation. 2. Maintain appropriate validation documentations, as well as, coordinate for investigation of validation troubleshoot problems and determine solutions. 3. Maintain the Product Quality Review documentations.
  1. Male or Female Age 27 - 35 year
  2. Bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences supplemented by at 1 year work experiences in pharmaceutical/ cosmetic or healthcare products with cGMP environment. Quality assurance function is preferable.
  3. Extensive knowledge of compliance & Qualification/Validation in pharmaceutical manufacturing is preferable.
  4. Excellent understanding of MS office and its application.
  5. Knowledge of cGMP, regulations and quality management system standards affecting to pharmaceuticals ,e.g. ISO 9001 or other quality management system standards.
  6. Fair written, oral and collaborative skills in English to effectively communicate scientific information.
  7. Ability to work independently or in a multi-task working environment.
- กรอกใบสมัครด้วยตนเอง : ทุกวันจันทร์ - วันศุกร์ เวลา 08.00 - 11.00 น. และ 13.00 - 16.00 น. หรือ - ส่งจดหมายสมัครงานพร้อมประวัติมาที่บริษัท : บ.ไทยนครพัฒนา จก. แผนกทรัพยากรบุคคล - ส่ง Resume มาที่ E-mail
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14 ซอยงามวงศ์วาน 8 ถนนงามวงศ์วาน
Bangkhen Mueang Nonthaburi Nonthaburi 11000
โทรศัพท์ : 02-555-9999 ต่อ 1201
อีเมล : thainakornpat_62@trustmail.jobthai.com (อีเมลนี้ใช้สำหรับการติดต่อและสมัครงาน)
แฟกซ์ : 02-589-2729
เว็บไซต์ : http://www.thainakorn.com
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Bangkhen Mueang Nonthaburi Nonthaburi
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