Tycoon Music Co. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of professional-quality hand percussion instruments and accessories under the Tycoon Percussion brand name (www.tycoonpercussion.com), educational musical instruments for children under the IQ Plus Music brand (www.iqplusmusic.com), and high-quality ukuleles under the Kahua brand (www.kahuaukuleles.com). The company was founded in 1983 and currently employs approx. 100 employees worldwide. Commitment to quality and innovation are central to the Tycoon philosophy. Our factory and headquarters, located in Bangna-Trad Km-13, is a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that continues to raise the bar on the quality of our instruments. Our Bangkok office, located at Mahatun Plaza in Bangkok’s Ploenchit area, is dedicated to developing the company’s worldwide sales and marketing initiatives as well as act as a showroom and meeting area for visiting customers. Tycoon’s commitment is to combine sound authenticity with innovative designs in all of our products. Our vision is to inspire young musicians around the world to play with passion and excitement each and every time they play their instruments. Our commitment to excellence is shared with the future generation of musicians worldwide.
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