JK Herbs International Co., Ltd. aims to produce and develop yellow oil products beneath the trademark “Jikong” with goal of becoming the number one choice for consumers in providing a product with the properties of reducing stuffy nose from cold, vertigo, repair insect bites and relieving muscle pains. We contribute positively to social by providing a product that is beneficial to health. Thus, the “Jikong” could ultimately improve the health and quality of live for society. As we are growing our brand , our operating teams full of fresh, energetic, and skillful candidates are especially in needs. The permanent positions listed below will require an individual who enjoy taking on challenges as well as being a pioneer at his or her work, while actively contribute knowledge and skills to complete worldwide brand and products expansion with the rest of the highly capable team. If you would like to affirm your ability to take on such a revolutionary work in a creative atmosphere with us, please send in e-mail with your interested position, expected salary, recent photo, CV to pittaya@jkherbs.com
JK Herbs International Co., Ltd.
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