Viriyakit (1995) Co., Ltd.
COMPANY TODAY We are a private firm specializing in guiding our clients through the complexities of the business processes required to succeed in Thailand. Our diverse list of clients and documented record of leading successful marketing campaigns uniquely positions us to support business development and sales activities in both the Civil and Defense sector. Since our establishment in 1994 VIRIYAKIT has developed as an equipment, systems and logistics provider for the Defense, Civil Engineering, Aviation, Maritime and Environmental markets in the Kingdom of Thailand. We also specialize in advanced technology systems for niche aerospace and defense firms. Our clients range from small and medium sized firms to the most prominent large defense contractors from Europe and the US. As sales representatives we have a reputation as a reliable supplier by customers in the Royal Thai Armed Forces and Non-Defense governmental agencies. We have developed and offer turnkey solutions to our customers which have been recognized for their innovative and cost effective approach.
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Viriyakit (1995) Co., Ltd.
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