UMC Electronics
UMC Electronics We are deeply appreciated for many customers warm support and sincere guidance for past 40 years. We are really glad to having worked with a lot of customers. To cope with various kinds of customers requests, we established factories at three locations (Saitama 2, Miyazaki 1) in Japan, and two locations in China ( Shenzhen 1, Dong Guan 1), in order to enhance flexible production system. And, new factory currently business under construction at Chachoengsao, Thailand. We aim S-EMS Company selected by the customer in all the world, with the customer service based on the spirit of "Manufacturing with all heart ==> 2.5 Campaign" and with competitive high technology. And, our business are manufacturing design power, Procurement Power, Production Power, 3 Powers give an answer to customer’s needs.
Transportation allowance, Social security fund, Daily allowance, Bonus, Provided uniforms, Internal-external training, sport activity and Etc.
UMC Electronics
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