PAÑPURI is a modern-day lifestyle brand with an Eastern philosophy. Established in 2003, PAÑPURI offers high-quality skincare, personal care as well as wellness products and services that combine a wide range of traditional plants, roots and flowers with a modern well-being approach. PAÑPURI represents a place where we awaken to the perfect balance and harmony between our inner and outer selves, believing in the Eastern philosophy that true beauty is more than skin-deep and comes from within.
  • -Provident Funds
  • -Life insurance
  • -Dental Allowance
  • -Product Discount
  • -Internal & External Training
  • -Bonus
  • -Wedding Gift
  • -Educational support for employee’s children
  • -Maternity Allowance
  • -Visiting Patient
  • -Funeral Allowance (Father, Mother, Spouse, Child only.)
  • -Annual Leave
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PURI Co., Ltd.
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