PCI Textile
PCI was established in the year 1960 in Thailand by our grand father, and the company has been proven success for over 50 years. One reason for our everlasting success is mainly due to the fact that we provide low price materials with astoundingly good quality as we assure we select and provide only grade A quality. However the main reason for our success is because of our Grandfather's policy which he taught to every employee: "We listen to what our customers want and provide them with the best products and services" so we build up customer's trust and loyalty. PCI specializes in selling various textile fabric, mainly concentrating on polyester products, which are used in making interlining, hijab, niqab, abaya, girls uniform, shirts, flags, wedding dresses and so on. We provide the lowest-priced fabrics to our local garment manufacturers and retailers since we have shares in several textile factories and are able to attain products at below manufacturing price.
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PCI Textile
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