Proquaint Private (Thailand) Company Limited.
In 2004, Mr. Nadeem Yousuf, a chemical specialist with great skills of marketing realized there was a need for innovation in the household, automotive and industrial cleaning products marketplace. He asked himself what consumers are looking for in a general cleaning products and how the current selection of cleaners can be improved upon. He realized that consumers want products that works well, that is Environmentally Safe, Non-Toxic and that offers a great value. After examining the marketplace, he saw products that did not work well, and also contained harmful ingredients and were not environmentally safe. Nadeem Yousuf than decided to bring a change and went in search of products that replace all the harmful cleaning products from the market place. He met a scientist from USA who actually invented such products in 1978 and the products he invented met all three requirements we been looking for: effectiveness, environmental friendly and great value. All our products are 100% environmentally safe, Non-Toxic, Non-corrosive, and Non-flammable. Mr. Nadeem Yousuf is confident that you will agree our products mark a cleaning revolution!
Proquaint Private (Thailand) Company Limited.
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