Posco coated & color steel
POSCO Coated & Color Steel Co.,Ltd (POSCO C&C), an affiliate of POSCO C&C, started out in 1988 at Pohang Steel Complex as a coated steel manufacturer of galvanized and aluminized steel sheets with annual production capacity of 300,000 tons a year. It M&A Pohang Steel Industies, a color steel sheet manufacturer on March 1st of 1999 and the cold center on May 1st of the same year. After that, it completed its corporate restructuring process and now is growing as a world-class coated steel sheet manufacturer. POSCO C&C has one head office, two factories and one branch office in Korea. On August,2011 We have opened a representative office in Thailand at Wellgrow Industrial Estate.
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Posco coated & color steel
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