TECHTRONIC Group was organized in 2005 by a group of dedicated engineers.
Its forerunner, Techtronic Corporation, is a recognized leader in Flow Measurement since 1994.
From the beginning it has been the constant goal of the company to meet the ever evolving needs of industrial, commercial, and institutional customers with quality products that provide reliability,
Improved quality, and cost-savings. We are a Flow Measurement Business company dedicated to maintaining long-term relationships and strategic partnerships with our clients. Our focus is on innovative Flow measurement, instrumentation, Analyzer and automation services that strategically build our clients' business. We seek to know and understand our clients. The firm's standing is impeccable and is known
As one of the best flow measurement business in Thailand.
TECHTRONIC Group will sell only products and services that will provide leading edge solutions and innovation to our clients. We are responsible for the product that we are supplied for service and support. We will be forever looking for the best products, always striving to anticipate clients’ needs, and deliver something better. We are Flow Specialist.
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  • Working day: Mon-Fri 08.30-17.30
  • Work Location: Rayong / Bangkok
บริษัท เทคโทรนิค จำกัด
เลขที่ 14 ซ.สามแยกบายพลาส
ตำบลเนินพระ อำเภอเมืองระยอง จังหวัดระยอง 21150
โทรศัพท์: 038-680-103 ต่อ 112