Sylli Studio Co., Ltd.
Sylli Studio began with tight knit group of programmers who had worked together on many projects before, during, and after their academic careers. In 2010 after spending some time successfully working on an ambitious in-house project, they decided it was time to offer their extensive talents and experience on the free market.We’re a software design studio here to talior applications, databases, games, and programs to you and/or your businesses’ EXACT needs. Whether the platform be mobile, iPhone, Android, PC, Web, Mac, or industry specific equipment, we’ve been there and we’ve done that. Already in our brief existace as a studio we’ve done work for major tele-com companies in South East Asia, built a social network from scratch (that rivals facebook in its complexity) for a game company in North America, created apps for facebook, and developed video games.
Vacation : 6 days per year for the first year, 10 days per year thereafter. Vacation can be carried over with 10 days maximum. Business Leave : 5 days per year for personal business, and emergencies necessitating absence from work. Sick Leave : Up to 30 days per year, any leave more than three days need medical proof. Comprehensive Health Care : Medical and Dental coverage available for 3,000 Baht per year per employee. Special Benefits : 400 Baht per month for transportation.
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Sylli Studio Co., Ltd.
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