Mechworth Co.,Ltd.
We are international trading company, Importer and reseller in the field of industial products, Machinery components, Factory automation products, Industrial instrument, M&E products and others. We supply customer satisfaction as procurement assistant center. Our main product is the high quality and origial from Japan, Germany, UK, US, and Taiwan. The main market is Electronic, HDD, Chemical, Automotive, manufacturer and Machine maker. We are seeking the team to growing up together and who need the benefit sharing depended on your working result. WWW.MECHWORTH.COM
- Pay day on 28th (Annual basic salary adjust according to working performance evaluation) - Social security - Diligence allowance - Commission for sales position and incentive for office staff (every month) - Thailand's Official Holidays - Bonus (except sales position) - Working day Mon~Fri / 8.30~17.30
Mechworth Co.,Ltd.
69/342 Soi Pramahakarun10/5(Tiwanon Rd.,)
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