Plastics International
Looking for Plastics Engineers to work in Johannesburg, South Africa A modern city similar to Bangkok, the “City of Gold”, Johannesburg -Extrusion Operator X 6 people -Thermoforming Operator X 6 people -Electrical Technician x 1 person -Mechanical Technician x 1 person Salary range is 30 000 Baht Plus ++ - 50000 Baht/ month Includes - Price of Plane flights - Accommodation in South Africa will be provided including bills (electricity and water). Have house to stay with your friends (Thai). - Transport to and from the airport and to work. - Safe Environment - Pay taxes and adhere to local laws - Work permit will be provided - Payment of money direct to your bank account in South Africa or Thailand Guaranteed. Use of Agent in South Africa (Martin +27 82 256 9678) and Thai contact person (Thailand) Keng 084 103 8832 Things to be considered - Age and Gender: ANY AGE, MALE, ATLEAST 3 YEARS EXPERIENCE. - Length of contract 3 YEARS - Allowed home - ONCE A YEAR ANNUAL LEAVE 21 DAYS PLACE OF WORK JOHANNESBURG NEAR THE AIRPORT MEDICAL TREATMENT COVERED BY EMPLOYER WORKING HOURS: SHIFT ROTATION OF 12 HOURS PER DAY. 4 DAYS ON, 2 DAYS OFF. Working for Taiwanese/ Chinese Employer in South Africa Please send CV/ Resume to You should have reasonable English skills. You need to be able to engage and not be shy about speaking English, right or wrong. We need people who can communicate!! SPEAK… In Chinese and English (especially English) Phone Keng: 084 103 8832
30000 - 50000 Baht Free Housing Free Transport Benefits Free Health Care Repatriation to Thailand 21 working days holiday per year
Plastics International
South Africa