Choc'Olat was created in 2003 by Francois Tatté.
Choc’Olat is one of Thailand’s leading producer of fine chocolates and confectionery products. We currently have over 50 employees.
Choc'Olat is a unique chocolate and confection manufacturer.
We specialize in exotic pralines, truffles, decorations, confectionary and have an unlimited imagination when it comes to creating custom orders.
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Choc'Olat Chefs adheres to the highest quality standards, both in procuring wonderful ingredients from around the globe, as well as in the production of our chocolates. We only use the best, and we feel that you can taste this difference.
Bilou Fondue Societe Anynome
1376/24-29 Rama 3 road
แขวงช่องนนทรี เขตยานนาวา กรุงเทพมหานคร 10120