Power Pellet Co., Ltd.
Power Pellet Co., Ltd. is a collaboraton of experienced investors and wood pellet industry expert to pursue global increasing demand of wood pellet, and appropriate biomass fuel for various industris and power plants. Wood pellet is the only alternative source of energy that can reduce CO2 within its lifecycle. This unique benefit comes from well managed replantation system. Power Pellet Co., Ltd is doing our Holistic Green Business as total integration starts from plantation, production, EPC and logistics in order to keep our planet sustainable green and prevent global warming. We have foreseen the substantial growth of demand of wood pellet due to a potentially increase use of renewable wood energy products. With our strength in wood-based material procurement and experienced pellet production, we are aiming to be one the world's largest wood pellet supply to both worldwide pellet boilers and power generators within the next 3 years. We will achieve these goals through the collaborative efforts of our employees, customers and partners, in a work environment that challenges and fulfills our people, promotes both innovation and teamwork, and rewards excellence in all that we do. We are currently seeking energetic and capable candidates to join our team.
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Power Pellet Co., Ltd.
140 One Pacific Place, 17th floor, unit 1703-1704 Sukhumvit Road,
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