Shenzhen Bak Power New Energy Co., LTD., founded in 1998, is the earliest enterprise producing Lithium Ion battery in China and the first company taking the Polymer battery research in 2000. After nearly 20 years of accumulations Bak power had became one of the world's largest polymer battery manufacturers. The mainland China market had been covered for a long time. Branches and offices are available in India, United States, Germany, Taiwan and other major areas. Various kinds of products are exported to Europe , North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Taiwan South Korea and other regions and countries. The quality and the strength of research and development of polymer battery products contribute the worldwide leadership. The company's products have been extensively used in scientific research, aviation, military, electronics, electrical, communications and other industries. The company has become the main supplier for manufacturers of mobile phone tablet PC cars mobile charger etc. Bak Power will act as its slogan "Bak power changes the world".
深圳市比克动力新能源有限公司,创立于1998年,是国内最早生产锂离子电池的企业,2000年开始率先在国内进行聚合物电池的研究,经过近二十年的积累比克动力已成为全球最大的聚合物电池生产厂家之一。 公司的营销网络覆盖中国大陆市场,并在印度、美国、德国、台湾等主要地区设有多家分公司或办事处,产品远销欧洲、北美、南美、东南亚、台湾、韩国等地区和国家。公司聚合物产品质量与研发实力处于世界领先地位,公司产品已广泛应用于科研、航空、军事、电子、电工、通信等各种行业。公司已成为国内外手机、平板电脑、动力汽车,移动充电宝生产商的主要供应商。未来,比克动力将用行动去证明:“比克动力、改变世界”的誓言。
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