PMB Siam Consultant Co., Ltd.
PMB Siam Consultant Co., Ltd. is a Thai Company. We provide Executive Search Recruitment for Permanent placement to our clients with a diverse range of specially solutions to service their needs. We provide executive candidate to Companies based in Thailand. Executive Selection is a crucial management function whether it is selection from within the company or from outside. The selection of the right person for the position results in increased company performance and heightened morale. Few executives can spare the time away from their key responsibilities to undertake the time consuming tasks of screening a large number of people to find the correct person to be appointed. Large companies with their own HR departments are finding it increasingly cost effective to use our Executive Recruitment service from the outset, in order to reach the large number of candidates that only apply for positions through a consultancy, and who will not respond to company advertisements.
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    PMB Siam Consultant Co., Ltd.
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