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The idea of Oriental Beach Pearl was born in 2009 and after one year of working with both Thai and European architects the construction started in the late 2010. Oriental Beach Pearl is our 5th consecutive successful project in Thailand. Amidst a time of global uncertainty and economic unease we broke all records and have sold 95 % of both phase I & II (Nov. 2012) We are now gearing up to the start of Phase III introducing new villa styles resulting in even lower prices but still with the focus on the high quality we are so well know for. Are you planning to visit us as a holiday guest you need to have no worries that houses are undone or not well finished. Of the 24 high-end villas currently available for rental everything is well finished and ready to accommodate you and your family. If you are looking to book one or more villas for your next vacation you can do it all on this site. However could it be in your interest to purchase one of the villas in our prestigious resort we like to share a little of the secret behind being able to sell these villas at prices no one believes possible. Where others give “guarantees” we give “cash” This means that if you sign up for our 5-year rental program will be able to deduct 21,6% of the total purchase price (or 5% per year) giving you a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get in on a fantastic investment and even more fantastic surroundings. Off cause the rental program is voluntary and the same ownership apply for those both with or without being a part of the rental program. This means that you can actually live year round in your new villa and enjoy the huge selection of facilities in the resort as well as the area, or you may, being a part of the rental program enjoy 6 weeks per year of vacation for as long as you wish to participate.
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Oriental Holidays Co., Ltd.
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