Purple voice
Despite being a young company Purple Voice team have a long experience that begin way back in 1992 when computers were still 8 bits and had 16 colors only. We are specialized in custom web design and apps development, but we also release our own projects time to time when we see a market fit, or a market need. Beside we strongly believe in the open source world and as such we have released some of our libraries and script in a MIT licence open mode. And it s going to continue ! The team is small, fun, and highly technical, You have a project but you re not sure yet on how to build it ? Call us it s free and we are always happy to help. Backed by more than 16 years working for famous companies, we can also ‘make it happens’ inside your own company. Regarding any organizational or managing subject, we might help you to achieve your goals.
Purple voice
11 ปุณณวิถี39, สุขุมวิท101
แขวงบางจาก เขตพระโขนง กรุงเทพมหานคร 10260
เว็บไซต์: www.purple-voice.com
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