For over 65 years we have been developing and manufacturing high-quality glass-to-metal seals for a variety of industries and applications. We work on solutions for our customers with passion, commitment and a high level of creative innovation, which has today made us one of the world's leading manufacturers. With Swiss company, BC-TECH HOLDING AG onboard we have taken a successful step in the strategic and operational development of our company. The distinctive alliance of the heavily customer-oriented Electrovac services with the strategic components of BCTECH HOLDING AG solidifies our long-term competitiveness in the national and international markets. Our customers will reap the benefits from an even more comprehensive range of services, well-developed vertical integration and a worldwide network of competent partners. Electrovac Hermetic Packages is the world's leading supplier for the price-sensitive automobile industry. Fully automated assembly lines and special testing facilities underscore Electrovac's zero error strategy and at the same time guarantee a production volume of several hundred million quality airbag igniters and seatbelt pretensions. Electrovac glass-to-metal seals ensure that the initiator charge will remain encapsulated and dry over a long lifetime! Our business is expanding and growing in every region, creating great opportunities for professional excellence. We are looking for qualified and energetic candidates to join our team.
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บริษัท อิเล็กทรอวัค (ไทยแลนด์) จำกัด/ELECTROVAC (THAILAND) CO.,LTD./
7/469 Moo 6 Amata City Industiral Estate
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