Rabbit Digital Group Co., Ltd
Rabbit Digital Group Co., Ltd. Starting from Rabbit’s Tale; a full-serviced marketing agency in Digital age, 8 years ago, we have joined forces with TYO Inc, a top-notch agency listed in Tokyo stock exchange, to establish Rabbit Digital Group in 2017. We are focusing on all areas across digital communication industries. Our vision is “Advance Asia’s Digital Communications” Rabbit Digital Group consists of 5 subsidiaries: Rabbit’s Tale - Full-serviced Agency in Digital Age, Code& Craft - Digital Production Web and Application Development, Moonshot - Digital PR Agency, The Zero - Digital Publisher Group, and LINK Collaboration Space - Centre of Thailand’s Digital Communications. We aim to lever Thailand''s digital communication to another level. We currently have around 170 staffs across all the function. Right now, we''re working with one of the biggest corporate clients in many industries. This year, we have a big mission to overcome: to create the digital communication ecosystem, with couple new subsidiaries and reading 200 staffs in this year. We''re seeking for people with a passion for digital and strategic creativity to make a mark with us. We are eager to inspire the industry and push it forward. No boundary, no compromise, we''re making it for a better work, and trying to build our ideal workplace together.
- OPD, IPD, Dental, Insurance (depending on the position) - Parking and Transportation. - Personal Leave 7 days per year. - Annual Leave 7-21 days per year. (depending on the position) - Compensate Leave. (the work on the holiday can use weekday substitute within a working year.) - Maturity Leave/Funeral Leave/Marriage Leave/Ordination Leave - Annual increase salary. - Bonuses fix rate and Bonuses based on performance. - Outing/Sports Day/New year Party/Guest Speaker - Snack bar/Happy Lunch/TGIF Party - Work environment and an opportunity to learn as you like.
Rabbit Digital Group Co., Ltd
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