Backstreet Academy
Backstreet Academy is a peer-to-peer technology social enterprise with the mission of alleviating poverty through impact travel. (
We operate in Asia and we help people with skills to monetize it better by linking them up with tourists. Entrepreneurs, artisans, craftsmen and anyone with a skill can apply to join our program. Anyone who wants to create a special tour experience for tourists can also sign up with us and we will help them create a tour and offer it through our web platform as we support them with training and web infrastructure. We then use our web platform and our local distribution network to advertise these services to tourists.
Many of the people who have a skill are often exploited or are starved of opportunities. Through this initiative, they are not only able to obtain additional income through teaching tourists or locals who are interested, but also showcase their skills and the traditional crafts of the country to others from around the world. This also helps to foster a connection between locals and people all over the world.
We also work with various NGOs to provide employment opportunities to the underprivileged and those in poverty. Through working as a facilitator and translating for the tourists, the facilitators will be able to rehabilitate into society and obtain an additional income source while being exposed to people all over the world. They will also receive training on communications and hospitality. Our social impact is well documented by ChannelnewsAsia in their documentary series ‘For a Better World’ -
We are headquartered in Singapore with operations in 10 countries and 40 cities around Asia with over a thousand products for sale on our website, as well as a Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence company. We have been featured on numerous international publications such as Forbes, BBC Travel, Conde Nast, Yahoo Travel and Lonely Planet.
  • - Salary of 10000-15000THB depending on experience
  • - Mobile Credits Subsidy
  • - Monthly Performance Bonus
  • - Yearly Performance Bonus
  • - Insurance
  • - Training
Backstreet Academy
blk 117, Simei St1, #08-554