Neobiotech (Thailand) Serving the best products and services under the motto of implant service No.1 Neobiotech is the pioneer implant manufacturer which was established in Feb 2000 and endeavored to provide the best products and services under the motto of implant No.1. In early 2007, Neobiotech launched Sinus Quick which perfectly works in maxillary posteriors and also guarantees excellent surgical process in immediate placement, GBR, immediate loading as going through innovative renewal process of company's management since 2007. In Feb 2008, Neobiotech released SCA kit which is Sinus Crestal Approach tool working in a brand-new way and brought innovation in sinus surgical operation of implant. Neobiotech's concept of developing products is to develop products that are much simpler, safer and faster to operate. We are confident that dentists who have used our products could understand 3S spirit and could be satisfied with our products. To gather all of our customers options, Neobiotech is willing to always come closer and concentrate on our customers' voices. Neobiotech promises to be the world's best implant manufacturer by continually developing creative and innovational new products and providing services.
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