Prestige Selection Co., Ltd.
At Prestige Selection Co., Ltd., we are constantly striving to make a difference in Thai market. We position ourselves as a specialist in marketing and distributing of niche consumer products from overseas. We do believe in the fundamental of disruption, market segmentation, and the basic globalization. With our unique brands, it is a real challenge in our job to tell the untold story, the fascinating concept and approach to a product and turns it to life. Not only the products, but the passion we have toward their brands also defines who we are, where we stand. We are expanding our team of talent to work with our brands, to help us drive our vision and reach our goal. If you are enthusiastic about taking up new challenge in life, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Prestige Selection Co., Ltd.
600/ 50 โครงการบีสแควร์ พระราม 9, ซ. รามคำแหง 39 (ซ. สถานทูตลาว)
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