We at Nidec are a company of challengers. What do we do to gain our customer's satisfaction and confidence? We continue to challenge for a better solution to any problem that bears upon our customer's demands for satisfaction. This spirit has been our firm policy since we were founded. We started in this business with nothing: no funds, and no facilities. However we had a big dream to establish a company which could develop produce and sell products in the world market. One thing we could share with our customers was time. We have been wrestling since the beginning with our customer's needs by maximizing time toward our goal. As a result, Nidec has become a diverse company developing, producing, and selling various products, including our specialty…small high precision motors. We have developed business offices and facilities all over the world. Of course, our challenges have continued. We meet each new challenge positively and resolutely to be ready for the 21st century in unknown fields and as bravely as before. As we strive to become the world's number 1 manufacturer of comprehensive drive technology, the entire Nidec Group will join forces to meet the needs and expectation of our worldwide customer. We ask for your continued cooperation and good faith in quest that is sure to benefit us all. We are looking for many qualified young and energetic people to join our team in the following positions:
-Full attendance 600 - 900 Baht/Month -Cost of living allowance 1000 Baht/Month -Food allowance 600 baht/Month -Medical allowance 12000 baht/Year - Others allowance
บริษัท นิเด็ค อีเล็คโทรนิคส์ (ประเทศไทย) จำกัด
เลขที่ 199/12 หมู่ 3 ถนนธัญบุรี-ลำลูกกา
ตำบลรังสิต อำเภอธัญบุรี จังหวัดปทุมธานี 12110