Precision Geartec (Thailand) Ltd We are a brand new gear manufacturing company… Startin year 2017 this name has took over the former well known Swiss gear making company called Humbel Geartec Thailand. Who was established and step in Europe gear market since 1928, now they have three facilities which operate over worldwide. With the high standardized of SWISS MADE for gear making, also we have adapt high technology integration, high capable team player and best practice of production process into our system. That would lift us in high confident level to maximized the satisfaction, in other words to lowest any risk to customers. Our aim is…. to be a gear leading manufacture in Thailand with reliable & sustainable and prompt to support you as our valued customer… come join us
-ค่าอาหาร 40 บาท/วัน -ค่าเดินทาง 30 บาท/วัน -เบี้ยขยัน 400-800 บาท/เดือน -ประกันสังคม -ค่าล่วงเวลา
บริษัท พริซิชั่นเกียร์เทค(ไทยแลนด์) จำกัด
188/141 หมู่ 3 นิคมอุตสาหกรรมบางเพรียง
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