Biogreen Enzyme is worlds leading biotechnology enterprise. Our proprietary fermentation technologies and sophisticated R & D skills are effectively integrated to manufacture and market a broad range of industrial enzymes, food additives and process aids.
We supply to several countries worldwide, across a wide range of industry segments including, healthcare, beverage, brewing, baking, fruit juice, alcohol & starch, sugar, animal, pulp and paper, leather and detergent industries. We are world’s largest producer and exporter of enzymes.
We recognized worldwide as a key supplier of quality enzymes, food additives and process aids which meet the rapidly changing demands of industrial applications.
Our innovative bio-solutions and market driven research and development programs are aimed at enhancing & improving industrial performance the world over.
We partner end-use industries in process and yield optimization by providing bio- solution to processing challenges. We enable industries achieve consistent and predictable performance from varying raw materials, processes and products. And also aid in new product development.
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Biogreen Enzyme (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
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