Prime East Co., LTD.
We are e-commerce group of European companies named "GOODSHIP TRADE", which are on the market for more than 10 years. Our main products are creams, supplements and cosmetics in general. Our factories located in Spain, China and Thailand. Among local sales, we do export to other countries through our freight partners and representatives. Currently we have offices in the next European countries: - Poland; - Romania; - Hungary; - Slovakia; - Slovenia; - Italy; - Spain; - Portugal; - France; - Bulgaria; - Cyprus; - Greece and Germany After sucessful lunch in Europe we established our branches in Asian countries, such as : - Thailand - Malaysia - Vietnam - India and Indonesia We use IT marketing for selling our products via Facebook, Instagram, Google Ad wards and other big and middle publishers and web masters. Our main goals are: - to satisfy our costumers by providing professional sale support. - establish healthy work environment. - achieve higher than our competitors results on the market.
1. Salary 2. Insurance. 3. Annual and Sick leave.
Prime East Co., LTD.
S Group Building 1091/151-152, New Petchaburi Rd soi 33.,
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