Proficient Inspection Services Co., Ltd.
Proficient Inspection Services Co. Ltd. started as a company primarily performing advanced NDT in tube inspection techniques such as Internal Rotary Inspection System (IRIS Inspection), Remote Field Testing (RFT/RFEC), Eddy Current Testing (ECT), Eddy Current Array Tube Testing (ECA Tube), Partially Saturated Eddy Current (PSECT) and Near Field Testing (NFT). Our services are open to all industry scopes concentrated in Thailand and reaching South East Asia region. As progressing with time the company is growing to offer other NDT techniques not only focused in the Oil and Gas Industry but others as well such as Manufacturing, Fabrication, Power Generation and Chemical plants. Combining specialized training, accredited qualifications, and vast experience Proficient Inspection Services is ready to provide quality services to evaluate the condition of your heat exchangers with comprehensive reporting including recommendations.
- Social Security Fund - Medical Check Up - Bonus (depend on business profits)
Proficient Inspection Services Co., Ltd.
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