A career in market research Are you ready for a journey into learning and human insights? Brainjuice is a dedicated sensory and consumer research agency. Our expertise is product understanding thus helping our clients to win in the competitive arena. Thailand and South-East Asia is the fastest growing country and region making it the most attractive market on earth. We serve and work with several leading manufacturers in wide array of industries. We are growing and looking for enthusiastic young men and women to join our family. If you are interested to explore the world of market research, to learn new perspective of marketing and consumer research, or if you enjoy looking into the minds of people to see what lie behind their behaviour and thoughts, please write to us at
Brainjuice Co., Ltd.
1350/207-208 อาคารไทยรงค์ทาวเวอร์ ชั้น 13 ถ.พัฒนาการ
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