ABOUT COMPANY: Garn Jewelry was born from an imagination as we were gazing at the stars in the sky. Those stars in the galaxy shine so bright, They have their uniqueness and identity from every perspective, and they become an inspiration to create the jewelry that is beautiful, elegant and unique, just like those shining stars in the sky. The stars that you can admire and call your own. This is the vision of the new generation management that harmonizes all the elements of perfection, with the goal to create the best jewelry products. Because we are Garn Jewelry. Garn Jewelry specializes in gold and jewelry production. Recognized for our craftsmanship, technology advancement and entrepreneurial skills, Garn Jewlery is now well known among Jewlery industry. Currently, Garn Jewelry’s core operations include production of high craftsmanship 23K (96.5%) Gold in mass quantity in Thailand. Our customers range from wholesale to end users. Our primary business focus is to create an excellent jewelry products to satisfy our customers across the globe through different channels. MANAGEMENT TEAM: Our management team comprises of various people from interdisciplinary fields, including engineering, designer, and very high-skilled craftsmanship, financial/accounting and marketing teams. We look forward to grow and welcome many new positions across different business sectors to join and grow business together.
- ประกันสังคม - ค่าข้าวกลางวัน 30 บาท - ค่าข้าวโอที 30 บาท - เบี้ยขยันรายเดือน 300 800 1,500 - สวัสดิการเครื่องดื่ม (กาแฟ/โอวัลติน) - เครื่องแบบพนักงาน - ค่ากะ ค่าล่วงเวลา (OT) - โบนัสประจำปี - ปรับค่าจ้างประจำปี - ลาฌาปนกิจ (พวงหรีด) - ลาพิธีมงคลสมรส - ลาอุปสมบท - สวัสดิการอื่นๆตามกฎหมายแรงงาน
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