B.E.C. Co.,Ltd.
We trace our beginnings to 1979,V.E.VDO co.,ltd. are the company's name established. We are Thailand’s leading full-service provider in the broadcasting and media industry from selling broadcast products to renting. Our range of services extends across the entire media value chain since we support many platforms and devices, and the various standards and technologies, our services are consistently convergent and of the highest quality which led to the formation of B.E.C. co.,ltd. in 1 June 1983.
The main objectives of B.E.C.co.,ltd. was import, distribution and installation of broadcast related products with authorized dealer contract of the world’s well-known brands : IMAGINE (HARRIS, LEITCH), IKEGAMI, FOR-A, VINTEN, CANON BCTV LENSES. With associated company named Dynamic Broadcasting System co.,ltd. to provides the rental services for production house ex. camera, OB van, studio for sound and picture editing. Advance Broadcast Cooperation co.,ltd. was another affiliated company to provides broadcast system consulting, designing and installing all broadcast equipment’s. Despite 36 years of experience in broadcast services, we aim to maintain a sophisticated approach to ensure network longevity, service reliability and optimal operational performance for our customers.
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B.E.C. Co.,Ltd.
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