Babitalk (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Babitalk (Thailand) Co., Ltd provides Mobile application and CRM program that are being recognized No 1 platform channel in health care and beauty industry Headquarter in Seoul, Korea, proud of being listed in Korean stock market since 2018 as the first list company in IT platform industry. We are highly committing to providing hospitals and private clinics the best quality of software program that is convenient, easy access for all, effective in management for marketing and promotion. Babitalk Application is being recognized No. 1 beauty and aesthetic advertisement platform with highly cost effective in ROI, and full of informative contents that help end user find the right hospitals/clinics for their needs
- Incentives in achievement of target - Bonus every year - Self-development support - Overtime Entitlements - Trip Allowance - Lunch
Babitalk (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
unit 601, 139 Thong Lo 10, Sukhumvit Road
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